Can Kristin Cavallari Replace Lauren on "The Hills?" Any Takers?



Kristin Cavallari is apparently still employable, which sucks for me as I’m in a letter-writing-campaign to Congress to see if they can force MTV to replace Lauren Conrad with Kristin after Lauren peaces out at the end of Season 5 of “The Hills.”  Conradulations, Lauren, you’re dead to me.

Anybeach, Kristin was in Miami at the Cosmo 2nd Annual Bikini Bash over the weekend.  She did such things as stand there and smile, perform dance-like motions, and posed.  Please keep in mind she did these things all whilst not sprouting a mustache in the middle of the day (ahem, Lauren).  See how great she would be on “The Hills!”  Now if we could only replace the rest of the gang with the old Laguna Beach cast, all would be right with the world.  Hell, I bet the recession would end!

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