Bruce Jenner’s Facelifted Face Speaks

Us Weekly continues their world tour of “blowing the cast of The Hills” and reached out to Brody Jenner’s dad, Bruce Jenner, to see what he thought of his son and his partying ways.

Bruce and his facelifted face had a few harsh words for his sons friends Spencer Pratt and Frankie Delgado. Bruce’s tight mouth said, “Frankie’s a very bad influence. And the day before that it was Spencer. He’s been brought down by all his friends. It’s not really him. He’s a homeboy.”

Uh, yeah you got one thing right. He is a homeboy…especially with all that bling. I wonder if all the cast members tell all their family members and friends to just bring up The Hills and say “controversial” things no matter what the question is. For example if you were to ask Heidi’s mom how the weather was, she would probably answer something like, “Lauren Conrad is not a good friend.” If you asked Audrina’s sister what who she was voting for in the presidential race, she would probably answer, “Lo is trying to come between Audrina and Lauren.” This is how it works people.
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