Brooke Hogan: Thinker


You can almost see the thought bubble coming out of Brooke Hogan’s head of her trying to figure out how she’s going to dance on the pole that she’s holding.  She’s a wicked smart thinker like that. 

Good old Brooke, in her “neeeeeeeew Allante!” dress, attended the All Star Birthday Bash and Record Release Party for Stack at SOBE Live over the weekend. I never really thought you could look more white-trash than Pam Anderson, but Brooke seemed to find a way.  A wise man once said, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  I bet Brooke listened to that guy and then implemented his instructions.  I bet she did.  I. Bet. She. Did.  Can you tell I have absolutely nothing interesting to say about Brooke Hogan?  Yup.  Good bye.  Call me later.

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