Brooke Hogan Split Her Pants

Financial times must be tight for singer (??) Brooke Hogan as she could only afford certain portions of her pants. Luckily for us, the “ass” and “crotchal” regions we too expensive for Brooke to buy, so she is flashing both sides for her fan(s). Either that or her fat ass busted the seams. It’s a tough call, a real tough call. You know, I feel like Brooke is really on the right track though because my motto is when your career isn’t going where you want it go, simply go straight to skank. Not enough album sales? Go to skank. Didn’t get that promotion you went for? Go to skank. Just lost the Oscar? Go to skank. Drinking a bit too much? Definitely go to skank. You’re the daughter of an overly orange Hulk Hogan? Go to skank.

Oh by the way, Brooke was “singing” at a Kiss 95.1 FM radio show in Charlotte, North Carolina…where I believe this may be the uniform of the locals? What? I jest.

Who Shot That Tear?!?

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