Brittany Murphy 911 Call: Really?


Now I’m clearly not the voice of moral decision making, but are you kidding me with the Brittany Murphy 911 call?  Every day I get emails from PR firms, viral marketing agencies, and a crap-ton of other websites asking me to post their pictures, videos, etc.  I’ve probably only said yes once.  However, even I couldn’t post the audio clip of Brittany Murphy’s mother calling 911 and freaking out over the phone as her daughter lay dead on the floor.  I couldn’t even listen to it but, sadly, heard part of the clip on E! News and, well, I’m scared for life.

Look, I’m not saying anything on this here blog is entertaining (at all), but a 911 call when someone is dead?  Really?  Even I have standards.  I mean, I have like one standard.  Maybe two, max.  More like 1/2 a standard. The people who are promoting this 911 call should be ashamed of themselves (similar to how I’m ashamed of myself with most things I post on IBBB). Ok, I’m going to jump down from my soapbox now.

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