Brandy’s Reality Show Because, Well, There’s No Chance of a Moesha II Being Made


Singer/songwriter/actress/talent judge/accident prone driver, Brandy, was spotted on Robertson Boulevard in LA over the weekend allegedly filming scenes for an upcoming new reality show she is starring in.  The paparazzi have been tipping everyone off about this possible reality show even though it’s supposed to be kept under wraps at this point.  No network, show name, or theme of the show has been provided at this time either.  So basically I have nothing to report except a few pictures of Brandy walking, standing, and talking on the phone.  Ironically I think she typically does 2 out of 3 of those things whilst driving on the 405.

I have a feeling that this show will appear on VH1.  Oh, maybe they’ll combine it will “For the Love of Ray J” and Brandy will compete with the other girls for her brothers love?  Look for their sex tape out in stores Christmas 2010.

Brandy should just stick with singing “The Boy is Mine.”  Forget all this reality show crap and only perform “The Boy is Mine.”  Keep it simple.

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