Brad Ferro, the Dude Who Punched My Little Snooki, Suing MTV?


As if this couldn’t end up anywhere else but Judge Judy.  Brad Ferro, the teacher who allegedly snooki-punched Jersey Shore’s Snooki in the Burnt Sienna face, may be suing MTV after he was fired from his Queen’s High School teaching position.  My random drunken sources claim while Ferro, 23, did sign the release form for the production company/MTV to show and use his image in any way they see fit, he also may have signed this form while not of sound mind (aka three-sheets to the wind).

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As you know, after weeks of promoting the Snooki punch, MTV ended up removing the punch from the actual crapisode of Jersey Shore but, let’s face it, that image has been burned into our minds and runs on a constant loop in slow motion.  Isn’t it a little too late from Ferro to sue for defamation of character?  Even if it’s not, his best bet is to stop drawing any additional attention to himself…unless it includes him being added to a future cast of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.   Dancing With the Stars?  Sky could be the limit, although I’m sure Jersey will be his limit.

I always knew that I held a special bond with My Little Snooki and now I finally realized the the punch took place on August 19th, IBBB’s birthday! It’s like all the stars have aligned.

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