Bostonians Tricked By Lite Brite

Since I typically give NYC their fair share of digs, I figured it was time to taste my own medicine. Perhaps you heard about the “bomb scare” in Boston the other day? Apparently these sorta “lite brite” contraptions were found all over Boston – under bridges, near train stations, etc. These “lite brite” contraptions had batteries attached to them and wires sticking out of them in every which way. So, the “red-alert” Bostonians that we are, we called the cops (the 5-0) and the bomb squad came and blew these contraptions up. In the end, they weren’t bombs, but marketing campaigns for a cartoon on the Cartoon Network. Ah, as we say in Boston, “wicked smahhht kid!” The sad part is that these “lite brite” contraptions were also placed in other major cities as well, but no one called them in. Clearly, it’s just us nosy Bostonians that are still fighting this war on terror! That’s right, I just got political on your ass. Bostonians “1”, Mr. Potato Head “0.”
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