The 14 Most Ridiculous Knock-Off Halloween Costumes on the Interwebs Right Now


It’s that time of year when you see all of your favorite celeb-inspired Halloween costumes…and then there’s the costume where no one really has the rights to so, well, they just get creative.  Enjoy our listing of the top 14 knockoff Halloween costumes you’ll apparently still be seeing on the streets this spooktacular season.

1.  Purple Rock Legend “Definitely Not Prince” Costume

Prince Halloween Costume 2016 - 2017

If you’re ready to have the “skies open up with purple precipitation” we surely have the costume for you!  You’ll have everyone at your party and the pigeons crying…with laughter.  Doves, who?!  The only thing missing from this “Purple Rock Legend” costume is that blueberry beret.  This is clearly Little Richard.

2.  Women’s Notionless Valley Girl “Definitely Not Clueless” Costumeknock-off-halloween-costumes-notionless-clueless-costume-2016-2017

You’ve finally saved up all your checks and are ready to splurge on that costume from your favorite movie circa 1995, “Notionless.”  You thought I was going to say “Clueless” right?  Wrong.

3.  Bear-ly Twerkin ‘Definitely Not Miley Cyrus’ Costume



Hey y’all it’s all the rage this year to dress up like America’s favorite pop star/tragedy, “Kilometery Cyrus!”  Just in case the twerkin’ jokes haven’t been beaten into the ground, now you can put your ratty hair into pigtails and stick out your halitosis fighting tongue and get ready for literally seconds of laughs and a night filled with chronic eye rolls.  Don’t forget to scratch your business with the albino foam finger.  You can’t stop and you won’t stop.  See what I did there?  Stop.

4.  Sassy Cookie Monster Halloween Costume


I’m sure when your little ones are watching Sesame Street they’re typically thinking, “Good God I want to do sex (whatever that is) to Cookie Monster!?”  Well now you can make their dreams come true by dressing up as the sassy (?) slutty version of Cookie Monster.  C is for cookie and it’s also for U Next Tuesday…and you’re sure to look like one when you put this on.  It’s highly likely you’;l have your cookie eaten by the end of the night.

5.  Sexy “Ms. Mouse” Costume


When you wish upon a (porn) star you can now dress up as everybody’s favorite Doucheney World character, “Ms. Mouse.”  The skirt, of course, stops right right below your “mouse greeter” so that you can land Dickney Mouse at the character breakfast Halloween party.  You just better make sure the carpet matches the tail!  White nylons not included, but we recommend “knee highs” for extra easy access to your mousetrap.

6.  Charleston Chap “Definitely Not Charlie Chaplin” Costume



Before there were “talking pictures” there was Charlie Chaplin and before there was Charlie Chaplin there apparently was Charleston Chap.  And, well, we’re still pretty much in a recession and times they-are-a-tough so you’re going to save a few dollars and go for the Charleston Chap costume.  Plus, simply remove the hat and, PRESTO, you’re Hitler.  Because deep down at the end of the day, you kind of are.  You kinda are.

7.  Deluxe Rockstar “Definitely Not Slash from Guns N Roses” Costume


If you ever wanted to dress up like the bastard child of Rhea Pearlman and Cher then this is the costume for you.  Not sure why they’re welcoming us to the jungle?…oh wait…I get it.  It’s Darlene from Roseanne.  Fail.

8.  Mr. Hammer “Definitely Not Mr. T” Halloween Costume


Hey kids, it’s time to dress up like everyones favorite character from the B-Team, Mr Hammer!  Don’t forget to say Mr Hammer’s famous catch-phrase, “I’m feeling terribly sorry for the dumb-dumb.”  Obviously, this costume is the father from Family Matters, Carl.  Fail.

9.  Eurasian Traveler “Definitely Not Borat” Costume


“Hey Mom…can I dress up like a Eurasian Traveler this Halloween?  I can?  Super!”  My guess on this sexy-times costume is going to be…um…uh…how about Schneider from “One Day at a Time.”

10.  Green Candy Factory Worker “Definitely Not an Oompa Loompa” Costume


Sing along with me! “Green Candy Factory Worker doo-pa-dee-do, I’ve got another costume for you. Green Candy Factory Worker doo-pa-de-da soon you’ll be living in Green Candy Factory Worker doo-pa-dee-do!”  My guess, of course, is George Hamilton.

11.  80’s Sprayed Wig Costume (?)


Markie Post.  Next.

12.  High Society Wig “Definitely Not ‘The Rachel'”


Since when was “The Rachel” considered high society?  Surprise all your friends at the Halloween party with your 1994 costume!  Fail.

13.  Disc Jockey “Definitely Not Howard Stern” Wig


Ever wanted to be a nameless Disc Jockey?  Well now thanks to this nameless Disc Jockey wig, you can!  All you need to complete this costume is some vagina jokes (sold separately).  Of course this costume is Oprah.

14.  Rehab “Definitely Not Amy Winehouse” Costume


Oh don’t you worry, I won’t say no no no to this wig, especially when I’m at the “rehab center.”  A 10-years-ago funny costume is this years less-than-creative-choice.  Simply place the beehive wig on your head and you don’t even have to worry about telling your friends that you couldn’t think of anything this year.

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