Boom Kack! Boom, Boom, Kack!

I won’t lie, up until about 2 months ago I thought it was “Boob Cat, Boom Boom Cat.” To me, “Cat” just makes more sense, but I digress. Anyway, the best character on Making the Band was always Lori Ann Gibson, the choreographer. Everyone else on the show is just background noise. After Lori Ann got the boot from Making the Band, I prayed to my sweet Jesus that He would continue to move Lori Ann’s career in the right direction and apparently prayers are answered each and every day.

Check out Lori Ann’s new video, “Addictive.” Now I’m not sure if this is a joke or is serious, but regardless it’s great. Oh, and by “great” I mean “makes no sense.” I’m pretty sure this is a song by Fergie, but Lori Ann just boom kacked all over it. That’s what that sound is you hear coming out of her mouth. That’s boom kack. That smell you smell? Yeah, that’s boom kack too.

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