Bon Jovi for Janine, Because I Said So

It’s usually a quiet day around here at IBBB on a Friday and since Idol is “giving back” I figured I’d give back too, but not with money (that’s just crazy talk). I’ll be giving back to my friend, and more than likely future wife, Janine who is probably the biggest Bon Jovi fan there is and she’s proud to admit that. So, here you go Janine, enjoy these pictures of Bon Jovi at the “2008 ASCAP ‘I Create Music’ Expo” that was held at the Renaissance Hotel in LA yesterday. I’m not really sure what any of that is about, but I found these pictures so I thought I’d share.
Richie Sambora is back in action after his DUI arrest. Bon Jovi performed this past Wednesday in downtown LA where Jon Bon Jovi stopped the concert halfway through to call Richie his dear friend while the crowd was screaming. After that Richie came out onto the stage and sang the lead on “I’ll Be There For You.” Everyone deserves a second chance.
See how nice I was, Janine? Can any IBBB fans out there hook up Janine with anything Bon Jovi related? Backstage passes to a concert? Autographed photos? Sky is the limit and if IBBB can sell out then so can Janine. Hook this sick bitch up! She’s hot…she’ll probably put out. Just saying.
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