Bindi Irwin Beckham?

Bindi Irwin, that little Australian bitch, is looking a little too much like the son of David and Poshtoria Beckham, Romeo. David Beckham and his bratastic kids were court side at the Lakers game at the Staples Center in LA recently and I immediately thought David was in a hardcore sexual love triangle with his wife and Bindi, but then realized it was just his son. Phew! Then this got me to thinking, maybe it really is Bindi with him sporting a buzz-cut….you know, kinda like how Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson are the same person? Now you’re with me.

Anyway, keep hugging that koala bear, Bindi, and uh nice touch with wearing the crown of thorns on your head just like my Jesus had to do over 2,000 years ago. I’m sure He’ll be impressed by your mocking of Him. I hear Jesus likes that. Have fun in hell for that one, Bindi!
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