BFF 4 Life: 14 Best Friend Gifts You’ll Want to Share This Christmas 2017

Best Friend Gifts 2017 - BFF Gift Ideas for Friends (Girls) 2018

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Your BFF.  Where would you be without her?!  Perhaps sleeping more, doing better in work, more money in your bank account?  But what fun would that be?!  For the person who’s there for you whenever you need them, are your partner in crime and, well, just make your everyday life that much better…it can still be tough to think of unique ideas when it comes to gift-giving.  We’ve rounded up some of the coolest ideas on what you can get your BFF stat!  Shop our picks for the best friend gifts you’ll totally want to share in 2017.

1.  The Inspirational Friend:  The Friendship Pendant Necklace – Buy It Here For $55

Gifts for Best Friends 2017: BFF Necklace

Shop Now: $55

2.  The Coffee Friend:  ‘You’re My Person’ Coffee Mug – Buy It Here For $18

Gifts for Best Friends 2017: Coffee Mug

Shop Now: $18

3.  For the Workout Friend:  ‘After This We’re Getting Pizza” Water Bottle – Buy It Here

after-this-were-getting-pizza-water-bottle-gifts-for-friends-2017Shop Now

4.  The Photo Friend:  Umbra Crowd Photo Display – Buy It Here

Gifts for Best Friends 2017: Photo Display

Shop Now

5.  The Texting Friend:  BFF Personalized iPhone Case – Buy It Here For $27

Gifts for Best Friends 2017: BFF iPhone Cases

Shop Now: $27

6. The ‘Girl Code’ Friend:  “Fries Before Guys” Black Canvas Tote Bag – Buy It Here

Best Friend Gifts Christmas 2017: Fries Before Guys Canvas Tote Bag 2018

Shop Now

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7.  The Picture Taking Friend:  Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera – Buy It Here

Gifts for Best Friends 2017: Instax Fujifilm Camera

Shop Now

8. The Coffee Friend Gift:  BAN.DO BFF Coffee Mug in Pink – Buy It Here For $14

Friend Christmas gifts: BFF Mug 2018

Shop Now: $14

9.  For the Beauty Loving Friend: Birchbox Beauty Subscription Box – Buy It Here For $10

Christmas Gifts Best Friend 2017: Birchbox Beauty Box for Her 2018

Shop Here: $10

10. The Jewelry Loving Friend:  Best Friend Ever Pendant Necklace – Buy It Here For $48

Christmas Gifts for Best Friend 2017: Best Friend Ever Pendant 2018

Shop Now: $48

11.  The Stylish Friend:  Best Friend ‘Matching Heart’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here For $88

BFF Christmas Gifts 2017: Best Friend Heart t-shirt 2018

Shop Now: $88

12.  The Fun Co-Worker Friend:  Pac Man LED Desk Clock – Buy It Here

Gifts for Best Friends 2017: Pacman Desk Clock

Shop Now

13.  The Foodie Friend:  Donut Round Beach Towel – Buy It Here For $55


Shop Now: $55

14.  The Drinking Buddy:  Stemless Fountain Aerating Wine Glass Set – Buy It Here For $55


Shop Now: $55

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