Beyonce & Hudson: Whose Globes Will Win?

Oh sookey sookey the Golden Globe nominations are in and guess what? I haven’t seen any of the movies. I mean, I also haven’t been to the movies since Fahrenheit 911. I’d rather go out and grab some drinks than sit in a dark movie theater. However, I do watch a ton of TV so at least there will be a little something for me.

More importantly Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson were both nominated for Dream Girls. Is it bad that I’m pissed that Beyonce was nominated? Does that make me a bad person? Why yes, yes it does. I’m a little over Beyonce at this point and I’m afraid that her head will only get bigger now. Then if her head gets bigger it could explode and then that’s just a mess to clean up.

Moving on, I am psyched that The Office is nominated as I feel it’s the best show on television (next to The Family Guy). Check out the whole mess of nominations right the F here
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