Beverly Mitchell Sings, Why?

Ok so no one will care about this story at all except for 3 people I know, literally. I was laughing my ass off when I dug up this one. Beverly Mitchell, star of “7th Heaven,” is set to release her own CD on January 23rd. Just in case you can’t find it on the shelf that day please be sure to immediately check the clearance bin. Anyway, the reason I’m posting this is because besides Dianne Keaton, Beverly Mitchell is my arch nemesis. Now I hardly ever watch 7th Heaven, but the times I have it always made me so mad that the show tried to make her seem like she was wicked hot and all the guys wanted her. Clearly in real life, we know that is a big stretch. I truly never understood this. And, now that she’s trying her hand at singing it really tops things off for me. I wonder if when she does her video she will have Ruthie dance “sexy” to Spirit in the Sky? Bonus points for anyone who knows what that means.
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