Bette Midler Looks Good, Thin

Wow, I don’t know what diet plan Bette Midler is on, but she’s looking great! I didn’t know she took up smoking, but maybe it helps control her hunger issues. Anyway, everyones favorite meth addicted Fraggle, Amy Winehouse, stopped off at the London Clinic (for a flea bath) and then she was rushed off for a light lunch (2 tic-tacs and 4 cigarettes) and then she visited her lawyers office. Basically, this was any ordinary day for Amy…very ho-hum.

Now I know that there’s a rule (I believe a law) in London that states that under no circumstances are you to pick up and use a toothbrush, but is there a similar law overseas in regards to combing ones hair? I can never keep track of the laws over in London. I think they still have those judges that wear white wigs and pancake makeup. Ugh, the British.
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