21 of Oprah’s Favorite Things on Amazon Right Now

Oprah Claus has officially released her favorite things for the 2017 holiday season and we want them all.  Here’s the best of the best.

2017 Oprah's Favorite Things List on Amazon 2018

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Every year Oprah picks her favorite things of the year, tells us what they are, and then everyone buys them and those business owners turn into multi-billionaires.  It’s really the American dream.  Well this year is no different, with the exception that Oprah has chosen 102 of her faaaavoooorite things.  The list is endless and you can find it here.  But we’ve rounded up our favorite things from Oprah’s favorite things.  It’s very meta.  All make great gifts for Christmas. Oh and if you’re buying, check here for some of the latest Amazon coupon codes for 2018.  Let’s have at it!

Oprah’s New ‘The Wisdom of Sundays: Life Changing Insights’ – Buy It Here

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The perfect gift for anyone who needs a little “pick-me-up” from time to time.  It provides short nuggets of insight and inspiration from Oprah and her friends on Super Soul Sunday.  Plus, the photography inside is beautiful, as is the texture of the cover so it’ll look great on the coffee table.  A must-read, in our opinion.  We loved it.

Emu Australia Cozy Slippers – Buy It Here

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These are, legit, the comfiest slippers ever!  Made from Australian sheepskin, the lightweight slippers will keep her feet warm in the winter and will let them breathe in the summer.  While these come pretty in pink, other color options include light grey, natural, yellow, and more.

Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System with Auto-Spiralizer – Buy It Here

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Yes I’m sure people are eye-rolling a gift that’s an appliance but, no, for real everyone will love this.  And so will you.  This Ninja kitchen system can legit do everything:  crushes ice, make frozen drinks, shakes, ice cream, snow cones, soups, purees, dough, juices and also acts as a spiralizer so you can make fruit and vegetables into noodles.  Noodles!!  Obsessed.

BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones in Grey – Buy It Here

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Because who doesn’t love all things Beats?! These wireless headphones will give you 8-hours of battery life so you won’t have to recharge all the time.  If you needed a quick-charge, a 5-minute charge will give you up to 2-hours when on low battery. You can listen to your favorite tunes, take calls, and more.  It also comes in other cool colors like black, white, gold, blue, and silver.

2017’s Amazon Echo Show – Buy It Here

Xmas Gift for Her 2017: Amazon Echo Show Device 2018


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You know what’s better than Alexa telling you things?  Alexa showing you things.  It’s basically like her favorite Amazon Echo, but with a screen where she can watch videos, have face-time-like calls with her friends and so much more.

Butter London Nail Polish Gift Set – Buy It Here

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She’ll love being able to sample 45 different colors in this ultimate holiday gift set.  It’s like she’ll bring the nail salon home with her!

Tocca Cleopatra Hand Cream in Grapefruit and Cucumber – Buy It Here

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It’s on “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list of 2017.  Need we say more?  Get it for her while you can!

Corkcicle Stemless Insulated Wine Glass in ‘Sparkle Unicorn White’ – Buy It Here

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This wine glass will keep her favorite drink cold when it should be and warm when she needs it to be.  It also comes in a variety of other awesome colors like copper, rose quartz, turquoise, stainless steel, matte black, and more.

Asobru Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Carafe – Buy It Here

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Who doesn’t love cold brew coffee?  Now you can make it on the go and drink it right from the vacuum-insulated stainless-steel carafe in copper!  Your coffee will stay fresh and cold for up to 24-hours!

The Patchwork Bear Memory Bear – Buy It Here

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If she doesn’t have time to make an entire quilt, this cute little bear is perfect for her.  This little bear is made up entirely of your clothes (or your kids clothes, niece or nephews clothes, and more).  Simply send them in the package back to the company (in the pre-addressed bag) and in a few weeks you’ll receive your very own little bear quilted in your clothes. How cute!

The Gratitude Glass Jar – Buy It Here

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You can write all the things you’re grateful for each day on the little gratitude cards and place them into the hand-blown glass jar.  The more you’re grateful for the more you’ll find your blessings expand.

Smart Nora Anti-Snoring Solution (Oprah’s Favorite Things List)  – Buy It Here 

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It’s on ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ gift list for 2017 so you know it’s gotta be great!  If he snores (or if you snore) this is the perfect gift.  This quiet contraption actually detects the very early sounds and signals of you about to snore and then gently stops you.  You really have to see how this thing works. Insanity.  Check it out here.

Cozy & Comfy Slipper-Socks – Buy It Here

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If she’s not into actually wearing slippers, these slipper-socks are the perfect compromise.  They’re comfy, cozy, come in a variety of different colors and patterns, and can easily be washed.  She’ll be ready to kick back and relax on a Sunday morning at home.

Joya ‘Finesse’ Scented Candle Gift Set – Buy It Here

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Bring the spa home! These beautifully scented candles come in 4 different scents:  French Laundry, Ad Hox, Per Se, and Bouchon.  Each candle has 60-hours of burn time so you’ll be good to go for a while when lighting these and totally de-stressing.

Samsung 55″ TV With Wooden Frame (!!!) – Buy It Here

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You gotta see this TV!  This barely looks like a TV and totally looks like a work of art.  Perfect to hang on your wall near other pictures it totally blends in with the decór. The Frame transforms into a beautiful work of art when you’re not watching TV and even includes a gallery of professionally curated art, with one hundred pieces from ten different genres.  This is the future, people.  It’s here!

Famous Katz’s Deli Sandwiches Delivered AnywhereBuy It Here

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How insane is this?  Everyone who goes to NYC always stops by Katz’s Deli for ginormous sandwiches and soups.  Well now you can order a set of sandwiches and have it delivered to you almost anywhere in the US.  This is something he has to try at least once.  Choose from a variety of different meal options, but our favorite was the one that came with:  1lb of pastrami and corned beef, NY deli rye bread and mustard, matzoh ball soup, sour pickles, and chocolate babka.  We. Are. Done.

Snurk Duvet Cover Theme Sets (Princess, Dinosaur, Astronaut and More!) – Buy It Here

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Perfect for kids with great imaginations.  These duvet and sheet sets come in full to queen sizes and a variety of cool themes.

The Good Hurt Fuego’ Hot Sauce Sampler Gift Set – Buy It Here

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We have 4-words for you:  Hot Sauce on Everything.  They’ll love this sample pack of 7 killer hot sauces from all around the world. These hot sauces range from delicious and mild to blazing hot.  Are you ready to take the challenge?

My Audio Pet ‘Monkey’ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Buy It Here

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Super cute and won’t break the bank, these wireless speakers come in a variety of animals and can be paired up!

Janis Savitt Double Cobra Bracelet in Rose Gold & Rhodium – Buy It Here

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These bracelets are all the rage and are meant to be stacked and worn with other color combinations as well.  Each bracelet is made up of two flexible rolling bracelets so it really moves with you as you move.  These also come in silver, gold, yellow gold, gunmetal, and more!

The GoBone Smart Bone for Dogs – Buy It Here

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Your pup will absolutely love this and so will you!  The GoBone automatically keeps your dog rolling around, chasing, and being chased, all at the touch of an app.  How can you go wrong?!