The 16 Best Looking Jeans for Men to Buy This Spring

Looking for the coolest jeans that totally fit your body the right way? Shop our favorite jeans for guys this season.

Best Denim Jeans for Men 2018 - Cool Selvedge Black, Grey, Blue Mens Jeans in Style

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It’s time to raise those old baggy jeans to the rafters and retire them once and for all!  There are a ton of denim options out there for guys and, to be honest, it’s hard to know exactly where to begin.  One thing is for sure, you need your jeans to fit your body-type correctly.  Skinny jeans aren’t for everyone (and hopefully they won’t be for anyone soon enough).  Regular-fit jeans sometimes can leave you looking boxy and like your dad (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  Sometimes the slim-to-straight jeans give you the best of both worlds.  We’ve rounded up some of the best-fitting denim jean options in the latest on-trend colors and styles.  From dark selvedge to slightly torn ‘rock-star’ options, shop our picks for the best jeans for men in 2018.

1.  Best New Men’s Jeans for Spring 2018:   J. Crew Light Wash Denim for Men – Check Price

New Mens Jeans 2017: J.Crew Light Wash Denim 2018

Check Price

2.  Levi’s 512 Medium Fade Denim Jeans – Check Price

Check Price

3.  Nudie Jeans ‘Grim Tim’ Slim Fitting Jeans – Check Price
Check Price

The Mother’s Day Must-Have For Mom!

4.  Topman Ripped Jeans in Dark Denim – Check Price

Check Price

5.  On Trend Denim:  Beat Up Light Wash Slim Fit Jeans by Levi’s – Check Price

Check Price

6.  Diesel Men’s Faded ‘Safado’ Tailored Fit Jeans – Check Price 

Best New Jeans for Men 2017: Diesel Slim Fit Light Wash Denim 2018

Check Price

7.  J. Crew ‘Sutton’ Jeans in Walker Wash Denim – Check Price

New Mens Jeans 2017: J. Crew for Fall Winter 2018

Check Price

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8.  Driggs ‘Light Social Wash’ Jeans for Men – Check Price
Check Price

9.  Medium Austin Wash Denim by J. Crew Factory – Check Price

Check Price

10.  Hudson Jeans ‘Blake’ Slim-Fitted Dark Denim – Check Price

Best New Jeans for Men 2017: Slim Fit Hudson Denim 2018

Check Price

11.  Mavi Jeans ‘Jack’ in Kangaroo Light Brown – Check Price

New Mens Jeans 2017: Kangaroo Brown by Mavi 2018

Check Price

12.  Acne Studios Men’s Tapered Leg Indigo Jeans – Check Price

Best New Jeans for Men 2017: Mens Acne Studio Tapered Leg Indigo Denim 2018

Check Price

13.  Naked & Famous Denim  ‘Weird Guy’ Dark Selvedge Jeans – Check Price

Check Price

14.  Dark Rinse Men’s Denim Jeans by J. Crew – Check Price

New Mens Jeans 2017: J. Crew Dark Wash Fall Winter 2018

Check Price

15.  Dark ‘Work Jeans’ Straight Leg Denim – Check Price

Best Mens Jeans 2016: AG Graduate Straight Leg 2016

Check Price

16.  Topman ‘Light Wash Denim’ Ripped Jeans – Check Price

Check Price

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So What’s the Deal With Slim Fit Jeans?

It’s a question we get asked a lot.  Guys usually get nervous when trying to buy a pair of jeans that are labeled “Slim Fit” because they think they’re going to be way too tight.  Relax (pun sort of intended), your favorite denim brands have come a long way since that horrific skinny fit phase and, well, even worse the super-skinny fit phase.

If you’re going the slim route, fear not, because all it typically means is that your jeans will be slightly more fitted around your butt (which isn’t the worse thing if you’re trying to steal a look or two) and your thigh area. Yes, guys have thighs.  It then begins to taper around your knee and leg leaving a slightly narrower opening.  Basically, this is the kind of fit when you’re in semi-decent shape and don’t want to look like you’re rocking the baggy look circa 2001 (you remember the time).  While each brand will have variations based on their version of slim fit, you usually can’t go wrong.

Now, we don’t want to blow your mind, but there’s also ‘Slim Straight Fit.’  You still with us?  Good.  This fit is usually tapered around the knee and narrower on the leg, but leaves a bit more room around the butt and thigh giving you a little more wiggle room than a classic slim fit.  When most guys are looking for a better fit and are a little nervous, they’ll usually start with the slim straight fit and then eventually graduate to just ‘slim fit.’  We say roll the dice, take some risks, and finally get a pair of jeans that fit perfectly for you.

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