32 Ways to Gift Your Adorable Kids This Season (Boy & Girl Approved)

2018 Gifts for Kids, Boys & Girls - Valentines Day Best Gifts for Kids

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Whether you’re gifting your favorite little pal something for a special holiday, their birthday, or just a special event it’s a real toy and game jungle out there.  We’ve rounded up some truly unique gifts for kids they’ll actually love as much as you enjoyed gifting it to them.  Outside of the traditional gift ideas, shop some of our favorite gifts for kids (so far) in 2018.

For the Unicorn Obsessed Kid:  WowWee Fingerlings Unicorn – Check Price


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Get them in a variety of different colors.  The baby interactive unicorn holds on to your finger, hangs from it, and can even fall asleep in your hand, all while providing 40 different reactions and sound effects.

My Geek Box Monthly Gift Box For Kids – Buy It Here

Hot New Toys 2017 - Christmas Toy List for Kids 2018

Your kids will love getting a fun toy (and some education stuff snuck in there from time to time) each and every month.

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For the Cuddly Kid:  Burrow Easter Bunny Stuffed Animal – Buy It Here

Easter Gifts For Kids 2018: Stuffed Animal Easter Bunny

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Because he’s the cutest, softest, and most cuddly little bunny in the whole wide world.  Plus, those floppy ears!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

The ‘My Slime is Insta Famous’ Kids T-Shirt – Buy It Here

My Slime is Insta Famous T-Shirt for Kids Gifts 2018 - 2019

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Because your kids have enough slime to start their own slime business. Oh, they already have it?  We thought so.  They’re on Instagram with their slime all the time so this tee is perfect for them!

The ‘Egged On’ Family Fun Game – Buy It Here

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What’s slated to be the new “Pie Face” for 2018, Egged On is basically like a family-friendly Russian Roulette game where some eggs are filled with water and others are empty.  Spin the wheel to see what you have to do (crack and egg over someone else, over yourself, and more) and then crack-that-egg!  Do you get wet?  Are you safe?  Only time will tell!

For the Anti-Bullying Kid:  The ‘Choose Kindness’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Choose Kindness Anti-Bullying T-Shirt 2018

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What a great way to send a positive message out into the world.  Instead of being a bully, you can simply choose kindness.  This t-shirt also comes in other color options like slate grey, baby blue, pale pink, kelly green, and more!

For the Cuddly Kid Gift:  Really Big ‘Bashful Monkey’ Stuffed Animal – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids 2017: Giant Stuffed Animal Monkey Gift 2018

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The cutest stuffed animal monkey in all the land.  Your kids will have fun playing with him or even cuddling up with all 30-inches of this soft and fluffy cutie!

Dylan’s Candy Bar ‘Cupcake’ Gummy Bears Candy Supply – Buy It Here
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Because the gift they really want, let’s be honest, is candy.  They’ll eventually get through this entire cupcake shaped container of Gummy Bears.  And did we mention they include 12 different flavors?  Feel free to steal some from the kiddos for yourself.  There’s only so much bouncing off the walls they can really do.

Plush Teddy Bear with ‘I Love You’ Heart – Buy It Here
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Great for every occasion, this cute little 7-inch stuffed animal will show the special child in your life just how much you love them.  You can even choose from 7 other teddy bear designs too!

The Father’s Day Must-Have For Dad

For the Construction Kid Gift:  Magformers “Neon” 3D Construction Set – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids 2017: Magformers 3D Gift Ideas 2018

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Put their mind to use all while having some fun.  This neon magnetic construction set comes with 60 pieces and will keep them busy building and using their imagination for hours.  You can take a nap.

For the Mermaid Loving Kid:  Rainbow Colored Mermaid Tail Sleeping Bag – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids 2017: Mermaid Sleeping Bag Gift 2018

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Let’s face it, kids love mermaids so why not make them the coolest kid at the sleepover with this mermaid style sleeping bag. It even comes with a matching pillow and carrying tote to make carting this around super easy and neat.

New ‘Teddy Ruxpin’ Storytelling Interactive Bear – Buy It Here

2017 New Teddy Ruxpin Bear for Christmas 2018

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Because you loved him when you were little and now Teddy Ruxpin has returned for 2018 with LCD eyes, over 40 animations, and he can ready stories, sing and, yes, you can sync up to an app if you want!

For the Unique Kid:  The ‘Be Yourself’ Unicorn Tee – Buy It Here

Be Yourself Unicorn T-Shirt for Girls/Women

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At the end of the day all you have to do is truly be yourself.  If you’re as unique as a unicorn, just be that because you are enough exactly as you are.  What a great message and what a cute unicorn!  You can check it out in blue, pink, yellow, and green too.

For the Determined Kid:  Janod Balance Bike/Scooter – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids 2017: Balance Scooter Bike Gift 2018

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Stylish, retro, and just cool AF, this balance scooter helps kids work on their balance and coordination skills all while having some fun buzzing around the yard.

The Interactive Talking Toy Hamster – Buy It Here

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This cute little hamster will repeat what you say whether you laugh, speak any language, babble at it, and more.  He also moves and shakes, so when you pet him he’ll bob his head up and down too!  So much better than the real thing 😉

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National Geographic ‘Mega Crystal Growing Lab’ for Kids – Buy It Here
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Something fun for the kids to do all while being educational all at the same time!  They can now grow the coolest looking crystals ever in 8 pretty colors like blue, teal, red, purple, pink and more.  This one even comes with a light-up display so they can show off their awesome creations.

Dylan’s Candy Bar ‘Sour Belt’ Candy Tackle Box – Buy It Here

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It’s back to candy time!  If they love sugary and sour candy, this is the gift box for them.  This sour belt candy comes in flavors like sour rainbow, green apple, watermelon, pink lemonade, cotton candy and more.

The ‘Best Friends’ Pizza & Fries Tee – Buy It Here

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How cute are the french fries and the pizza!  They’ll love wearing it and thinking of their favorite foods.  You can also get them as individual t-shirts where they can wear one and their friend or sibling wears the other.  Here’s the ‘Best’ french fries one and here’s the ‘Friends’ pizza one!

L.O.L Big Surprise Ball – Buy It Here


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Keep the surprises coming with the L.O.L Surprise Big Surprise this year!  There are 50 surprises inside this limited edition gold ball that they’ll love to add to their collection (that, yes, they’re obsessed with).

Funky Chunky Chocolate Gift Pack – Buy It Here

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For the kids who are more into chocolate than any other kind of candy.  This cool gift set comes with 3 snack packs; chocolate pretzels, chip-zel-pop, and sea-salt caramel.  This will keep them busy for a while!

For the Artistic Kid Gift:  Kid Made Modern “Studio in a Box” – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids 2017: Studio in a Box Gift 2018

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They’ll have hours of fun being artistic, creative, and using their imagination with this studio play-set.  It comes with 16 colored pencils, 3 drawing pencils, 10 washable markers, 10 acrylic paints, 12 watercolor paints, 3 crayon disks, 1 wooden pencil sharpener, 1 eraser, 1 small round brush, 1 medium round brush, 1 large round brush, 1 flat brush, 1 fan brush, 4 canvas boards, 1 watercolor paper pad, and 1 mixed paper pad all in one convenient carrying case with a handle. Phew!  Happy drawing, sketching and creating!

For the Interactive Kid:  WowWee Fingerlings Monkey – Buy It Here 

Toys for Christmas 2017 - 2018: Fingerlings Monkey

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Get them in a variety of different colors.  The baby interactive monkeys holds on to your finger, hangs from it, and can even fall asleep in your hand, all while providing 40 different reactions and sound effects.  Super cute.

For the Imagination Kid:  Ice Cream Truck Play House – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids 2017: Ice Cream Truck Play House

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Now they can really play ‘Ice Cream Man’ at home with their very own play ice cream truck. Trust us, they’ll be in there for hours.

For the Family Game Loving Kid: Headbanz Act Up – Buy It Here

Christmas Game Gift for Kids 2017: Headbanz Act Up 2018

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For the Mess Loving Kid:  New Pie Face ‘Sky High’ – Buy It Here

Xmas Holiday Gift for Kids 2017: Pie Face Sky High 2018

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For the “Every” Kid Gift:  New 2018 Tickle Me Elmo – Buy It Here

New 2017 Christmas Gift Ideas for Small Kids 2017: New Tickle Me Elmo 2018

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The Retro ‘Love’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

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Because at the end of the day, all you need is love.  This 80’s retro-inspired t-shirt also comes in pink, navy, white, and black.

Hatchimals  CollEGGtibles – Buy It Here

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles: Best New Toys 2017 - 2018

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The answer to last year’s Hatchimal craze!  These cute mini Hatchimals will provide so much joy and are easier to take care of than the original.  Collect over 70 of these little guys…and counting!

FurReal Friends ‘Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger’ Toy – Buy It Here 

FurReal Roarin Tyler Tiger Toy 2017 - 2018

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This interactive tiger has over 100 different sounds and motion combinations and is just plain old fun!  Tyler the Tiger roars back at kids when they roar or make sounds at him.  He even responds when give his play toy.  It’s pretty much the only tiger they’ll get that close to!

Wowwee Fingerlings Playset – Buy It Here

Wowwee Fingerlings Playset for Toy Monkeys 2018

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The perfect toy playset for your favorite Fingerlings monkeys!

For the Kid Who Wants to Make a Statement:  The ‘Feminist’ T-Shirt for Girls and Boys – Buy It Here

Kids Feminist T Shirt for Boys or Girls 2018

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Equal rights is equal rights on all levels so if your kids is ready to make a statement in support of all women (and men) this is the chic t-shirt for them.  This one comes in heather grey with distressed white font.  Check out the other cool colors too like pink, baby blue, grass green, and more.  Oh, and there are adult sizes and colors too for women and men.

Vintage Candy from the 1970’s – Buy It Here

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Give the kids into your youth with some of the most popular candy in this 1970’s candy time capsule (of sorts).  It comes with Gobstoppers, Reese’s, Pop Rocks, Watermelon Hubba Bubba and so much more!