31 Unique AF Father’s Day Gifts For Dad This Year

Because he’s the best dad in the world so it’s actually easier to gift him than you think. These are the best Father’s Day gifts for dad (so far) in 2018.

Unique Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2018 - Best Gifts for Dad 2019

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For real, though, how kick-ass is your dad?  He’s always been there for you, taught you so many cool (and downright weird) things, listened to your endless stories and complaints, taught you some inappropriate jokes, and barely yelled at you when you wrecked his car.  Ok, fine, he yelled.  Like, a lot.  The point is that Father’s Day comes around but once a year (this year it’s on Sunday, June 17th) and it may be one of the only times you actually get him a gift so why not make it one that he wants and needs?  We’ve tackled some super traditional gifts for dad (hello cologne and sneakers!), found some cool tech gadgets he’ll be obsessing over (hi there Alexa everything!), and went out on a limb to recommend some ideas that he probably wants deep down, but is just to cheap selfless to buy himself.  Either way, he already loves you but will love you more for thinking of him on his special day.  Check out our top picks for some of the best Father’s Day gifts (so far) in 2018 for dead old dad!

The Best Fathers Day Gift Idea for 2018:  The New Amazon Echo Show – Buy It Here

Father's Day Gifts 2018: Amazon Show for Dad

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The latest from Amazon (genuflect).  Introducing the “Echo Show.”  It has all the magic of the regular echo, but this one “shows” you things instead of just robotically telling you.  A “must-have” this season.  Plus, he’ll love seeing you when you call him from your Echo Show too.  Check out all the other killer things it can do.  Amazon is taking over and, well, we’re ok with that.

For the Dad Who’s Obsessed With Cologne:   Scentbird Monthly Cologne Subscription Box –Buy It Here

Father's Day Gifts 2018: Scentbird Cologne for Dad Gift Idea

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Because he can test out a new cologne each and every month from over 100 popular cologne brands and they’ll get delivered right to his door.  You can start it on Father’s Day and let it go every month for the entire year if you’d like.  Basically he’ll be thinking of you at least once a month.  Not bad!

For the Father With a Great Sense of Humor:  The ‘Dad Bod’ Vintage-Inspired T-Shirt in Grey – Buy It Here

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Now he can finally take pride in his classic dad body with the ultimate ‘Dad Bod’ t-shirt.  It’s good for a laugh and, to he honest, it’s good to hang around in too!  The print is a total worn-in, distressed, vintage look which just helps it stand out from the crowd. It comes in a variety of other cool color options too so pick up a few so he can wear with all his different color shorts that never seem to match anything.  It’s ok, he’s a dad!

For the Dad Who Sits in Front of the Television:  The Fire TV Stick with Alexa – Buy It Here

Father's Day Gifts 2018: Amazon Fire Stick Gift Ideas for Dad

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Because all his favorite shows are just a quick click away and he can watch so many of them.  Now he can control the TV and the TV won’t control him!

For the Father Who’s a Complete Busy-Body:  The Ring Video Doorbell Pro – Check Price

Father's Day Gifts 2018: Ring Smart Doorbell Gift Ideas for Dad

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This 2-way video doorbell allows dad to see, hear, and speak to anyone who ‘rings’ his doorbell via his smartphone or computer.  It’s 1080p HD quality video and will still work in 5 below to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  He’ll love answering, um, or not answering the door depending on who’s there.

For the Traditional Dad with an Edge:  Spicebomb Cologne by ViktoRolf   – Buy It Here

Spicebomb Cologne for Dad This Fathers Day 2018

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Because he should smell great while at home and on the go.  Still one of the most popular scents for men year after year, Spicebomb is the perfect gift for dad in 2018.

For the Father Who Takes Care of Himself:   Birchbox Monthly Subscription Box – Buy It Here For $10/month

Father's Day Gifts 2018: Birchbox Man for Dad Gift Idea

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Because your dad won’t admit it, but he’d totally dig trying out some cool new grooming, skincare, and other little gadgets delivered to his door each and every month.  It really saves the embarrassment he somehow feels when he tries to buy these things at the store.

For the Absolute Best Dad:  The ‘Best. Dad. Ever.’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Best Dad Ever Shirt for Dad 2018 - 2019

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For the Dad That Likes His Beer Cold:  The ‘Dad’ Stainless Steel Keg Mug – Buy It Here

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Because he wants his beer cold and he wants it now!

For the Fitness-Minded Dad:  Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker in Black –  Buy It Here

Father's Day Gifts 2018: Fit Bit Alta For Dad

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Because he’s always running around anyway, why not track his health and sleep patterns?  Perfect for the dad who works-out or who at least wants to know overall how he’s doing!

For the Protective Dad:  The ‘Papa Bear’ Tee in White/Navy/Grey Options – Buy It Here

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Because your dad will always protect you and watch over you just like a real papa bear would.  Only he’s more friendly.  Sometimes.  This t-shirt comes in a bunch of different color options too!

For the Father Who Misplaces Stuff:  The Tile Key & Phone Finder – Buy It Here

Father's Day Gifts 2018: Dad's Tile Keys Finder

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Because he loses his keys and his phone all the live-long-day and now can easily find them!  Plus, it’ll cut down on him asking everyone where he left his keys…or glasses!

For the Clean Shaven Dad:  Braun Series 9 Latest Wet/Dry Electric Shaver System – Buy It Here

Father's Day Gifts 2018: Braun Electric Shaver

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Because he’ll basically get the shave of the future.

For the Father Who Liked Comfort & Style:  Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Sneakers in Grey, Black, and Platinum – Buy It Here 


Father's Day Gifts 2018: Nike Sneakers for Dad
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Nike finally updated their Flymesh upper, so these are better for ventilation are lighter weight, but still have a super comfy, signature, sole cushion.  Check these sneakers out in a variety of other eye-catching colors like red, blue, white, and more.

For the Dad Who Needs Some Cooking Help:  Hello Fresh Food Subscription Boxes – Buy It Here

Father's Day Gifts 2018: Hello Fresh Subscription Idea for Dad Gift


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Because he’s your dad and whether he’s cooking for himself or for your mom, he could use a little help!  Choose from what type of food you like to eat and how often you want your food box delivered (3 days, 4 days, or 5 days).  All the ingredients show up in this perfectly packed box and stay at the perfect temperature until you’re home to store things in your refrigerator.

For the Classic Father’s Day Gift:  The Art of Shaving ‘Sandalwood’ Shaving Gift Set – Buy It Here

Father's Day Gifts 2018: The Art of Shaving Gift Set

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Bring the barber to him with this best-selling shaving kit that comes with pre-shave oil, shaving cream, a great shaving brush, and some must-use after shave balm.  Keep him looking fresh to death this Fathers Day and every other day of the year!

For the Business Dad:  Cole Haan ‘Washington Grand’ Leather Black Briefcase – Buy It Here

Father's Day Gift Ideas 2018: Mens Cole Haan Designer Black Briefcase

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For the Fun Father:  Meundies Monthly Underwear Subscription – Check Price

Father's Day Gifts 2018: MeUndies Monthly Subscription Box for Mens Underwear

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Because he’ll never really buy underwear himself so why not gift it to him!  Each month dad will receive a new pair of the coolest underwear we’ve seen in a while.  He can choose from boxers, boxer briefs, classic underwear and more. Plus, there are endless styles, patterns, super fun ones to choose from.

For the Dad Who Still Likes to Party:  The Yeti ‘Hopper’ Flip Portable (Soft) Cooler Bag – Check Price

Father's Day Gifts 2018: Yeti Hopper Flip Portable Cooler Bag

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This one is one of our favorite soft coolers (even outside of the Yeti family).  After you add some ice you should be able to hold up to 16 cans of your favorite beer, soda, or seltzer water (but, who are we kidding, it’ll be 16 beers).  It’s the one bag he won’t mind packing when heading out for the day.

For the Casual Super Hero Dad:  The ‘Some Super Heroes Don’t Have Capes’ Shirt – Buy It Here

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Because your dad really is a total super hero!  Sometimes you just have to remind him!

For the Fashion-Forward Father:  J. Crew Printed Shorts – Buy It Here For $28

Father's Day Gifts 2018: J Crew Shorts for Dad

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We’re loving these 9-inch deep blue printed shorts from J. Crew.  Plus, the added white printed retro car with surfboard is such a fun touch that brings a basic blue pair of shorts to the next level. He’ll look cool without looking like too much of a “dad.”  Not that that’s a bad thing.

For the Skincare Obsessed Dad:  Jack Black ‘Double Duty’ Men’s Face Moisturizer with SPF 20 – Check Price Here

Father's Day Gifts 2018: Jack Black with SPF 20 for Face

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Now dad can stay moisturized and protected from the damaging rays of the sun all at the same time!  This lightweight Jack Black face moisturizer for men has SPF 20 and also contains helpful antioxidants and vitamins.  He’ll look and feel great.

For the Sampling Father:  The Limited Edition Jo Malone Cologne Sampler – Buy It Here

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Because he has a hard time with commitment so this sample pack of 5 best-selling Jo Malone colognes are right up his alley.

The Star Wars Obsessed Dad:  The ‘C-3PO’ Socks in Grey – Buy It Here

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Because he may not be a kid, but he’s still totally obsessed with all things Star Wars.  Who doesn’t love a classic?!

The Grilling Dad:  The ‘Monogram Grill Tool Set’ – Buy It Here

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Because only he knows how to actually grill the right way so give him some personalized tools that make his job that much easier.

The Hipster Dad:  4 Mustache Beer Pilsner Glasses – Buy It Here

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Because drinking beer out of anything else than glasses with mustaches on them is just plain pointless.

The Traveling Dad:  The ‘Filson Travel Kit’ in Navy Blue – Buy It Here

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Because he has to travel for work so should store his toiletries in the proper bag (and not that Walgreens plastic bag he usually tosses everything in).

The Timely Father:  The ‘Tissot V8 Chronograph’ Bracelet Watch – Buy It Here

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Because it’s the splurge gift he’s been hoping for.  This watch is so killer.

For the Realistic Father:  The ‘Ask Your Mother’ Shirt – Buy It Here

Ask Your Mother T-Shirt for Dads 2018 - 2019

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The Music Loving Father:  The ‘Bose Soundsport’ Wireless Earbuds in Citron and Grey – Buy It Here

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Because these wireless earbuds sound great, won’t break the bank, and are perfect to bring to the gym or on that run he’s been thinking about a lot lately.

The Stylish Dad:  Classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses – Buy It Here

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Because he really has a classic style or, if he doesn’t, could totally use one.  The Ray-Bans will never go out of style.

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