Before and After with Aubrey O’Day: AKA Syphilicious

What a real success we had with the Heidi Montard Before and After. I got a request to “Pre-Fame and Post-Fame’ Aubrey and the next thing you know someone had it waiting for me in my inbox. Haha. Box. It’s like IBBB writes itself and I just put out requests.

I have absolutely no clue what Diddy was talking about when he said that fame changed her. She looks exactly the same. If these pictures were pushed closer together she’d look like a Siamese twin.

I say beauty all around! The “after” picture should be her license picture. She looks rested, fresh, easy breezy, beautiful. I mean the way that her face looks 4 shades lighter than the rest of her body really makes her stomach pop!

$2 dollar sucky sucky? I say $1 dollar sucky sucky and a complimentary reach-around. Ole!

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