Watch: Barb Explains Her Drinking and Says Terrible/Funny Things About David

Can we love Barb any more than we do? The answer to that age old question is obviously “no, we can’t!”  In a deleted scene that MTV just released after this week’s crazy Cinco de Mayo episode, Barb finally gets to tell her side of the story.

First off, how ravishing does Barb look?  The best I’ve seen her in years.  She’s made up to the nines and I’m pretty sure she’s either sporting that special necklace from Disney’s Moana or the one that old lady threw off the Titanic.  Either way near, far, wherever you are Barb’s heart (and accent) will go on.  Check out what she had told the TM2 producer and what she really thinks of David.

Spoiler Alert:  Barb calls David an “A-1 a**hole!”  Sounds like someone had their fave steak sauce on their mind. Here’s some other wonderful quotes from Barb.  What are your favorites?

  • “I only ordered one glass of da wine.  I only took 1 sip of da wine. I have a copy of da receipt!”
  • “David was in my face, ya know, video’in me and I was like stawp video’in me!”
  • “What are you talkin’ about?  I hadn’t been drinkin’.  It was a set-up.  It was awwwl a set-up!”
  • “I could hear Jenelle in my driveway talkin’ she was like (unintelligible words)”
  • “So I opened the door for da police and I said, ‘Look. I don’t know what kind of cockamamie story she told you, but there’s nothin’ wrong heeeaah!”
  • “The police know who I am (unintelligible words) you know what I mean?”
  • “I’m done with her and her lousy boyfriends.  I’m done!”
  • “If she wants to live with this loser guy David…because I have no respect for this guy.”
  • “He’s an A-1 a**hole.  He’s a biiiiiiig a**hole!”
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