Awesome Way to Fuel the Terrorists, Tisdale.



The fact that I know this is Ashley Tisdale made me look down my pants to make sure I was still a man.  Anynuts, Ashley Tisdale secretly pissed off the terrorists by (1) being Ashley Tisdale (2) wearing a shirt that says “I Love NY” and (3) kept her pumpkin out with her Christmas decorations.  Ok, fine, that last one pisses just me off, but I assume the terrorists are frowning on that as well.

“The Tiz” as “the kids” call her (I guess) picked up her boyfriend Zac Efron Joe Jonas Shia LaBeouf Joey McIntyre Jesse McCartneyScott Speer at his house or her house or just a house.  The house isn’t that important in this new article as much as the pumpkin or the shirt.

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