14 Ideas to Gift Your Awesome Uncle Any Time of Year!

Because you have the best uncle in the whole wide world and you can never find actual gifts for uncles anywhere.

Best Gifts for Uncles 2018 - Fun Uncle and Guncle Gifts

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Is it just us or is it almost impossible to find anything with the actual word “uncle” on it?!  We alway find stuff with “World’s Best Auntie” everywhere we look.  Poor uncles are totally underrepresented in the gifting world and we’re here to make it way the hell better for them and for you.  Seriously though, how cool is your uncle?  He’s like your dad but, you know, better because he’s never really going to yell at you, you can always go to him with anything, and he’ll probably treat you to breakfast, lunch, and dinner every time you’d let him.  Plus, he’s funny AF and always down for a fun adventure with you.  So it’s clearly time to let him know how much you appreciate him, care about him, and want to be like him (are we projecting here?). We found some really cool gift ideas for uncles and then some things that aren’t totally uncle-related, but stuff he’d totally dig. Shop our picks for the best gifts for uncles (so far) this year.


1. For the Artsy Uncle:  ‘Best Uncle’ Subway Art/Typography Canvas Wall Picture – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Uncle Subway Wall Picture 2018

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Because he deserves to know all the wonderful things you think about him and, well, he’ll want to hang it on the wall.  Makes a great addition to his office, bedroom, or even living room.  Typography FTW!

2. For the Fun Uncle:  The ‘Funcle’ Definition T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Funcle T-Shirt Gift for Uncle 2018 - 2019

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Because he really is the most fun uncle and, to be honest, way cooler than your dad.  Duh!  This tee also comes in black, heather grey, slate, and royal blue.

3.  For the Grill-Master Uncle:  Mutli-Tool Grilling Spatula and Accessories – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Grilling Accessories 2018

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Because he grills all the live-long-day and really has made an art out of it.  Why not get him some helpful grilling tool with the ‘best uncle ever’ personalized into it!

4.  For the Zen Uncle:  Jo Malone London ‘Lime-Basil’ Candle – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Jo Malone Candle 2018

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Because, yes, men do light candles.  And he’ll especially love this designer candle.  The scent is a perfect mix of lime, basil, and mandarin and will make any room in his home smell great, without being overpowering.

5.  For the Beer Loving Uncle:  4 Pilsner Beer Glasses with Mustaches (!!) – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Mustache Pilsner Glasses 2018

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Because he loves beer and he loves mustaches, so why not combine his two favorite things into one great gift!?

6.  For the Funny Uncle:  ‘I’m the Crazy Uncle’ Coffee Mug in White – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Crazy Uncle Funny Coffee Mug 2018

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Because, sure, he’s crazy but you already knew that and so did he!  It’s a really fun coffee mug that’ll remind him each morning that you’re in on the joke.

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7.  For the Nostalgic Uncle:  ‘I Love My Uncle’ Poem & Picture Frame – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Uncle Picture Frame 2018

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Because he’ll want to see you each and every day even when you’re not nearby.

8.  For the Guncle:  The ‘Guncles are Magical’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Best Gift for Guncle 2018: Guncles are Magical 2019

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Because, yes, guncles are totally magical and the best!

9.  The Supportive Uncle:  The Vintage Inspired ‘Feminist’ Tee – Buy It Here

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Let him show his feminist pride (and you show your support for him) with this vintage-inspired distressed “FEMINIST” t-shirt.  This one is in dark grey, but they also come in baby blue, grass green, light heather, and pink.  He’s your uncle, so he’s man enough to show his support.

10.   For the Stylish Uncle:  Shinola Leather Card Case/Wallet in Ocean Blue – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Shinola Card Case Wallet 2018

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Because we’re pretty sure if you gift him with a cool looking wallet it’ll remind him of money, which will remind him of you, which means maybe he’ll give you some money.  It’s a real win-win.

11.  For the New Uncle:  ‘My Uncle’s Beard is Better Than Yours’ Onsie for Baby – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: New Uncle Onsie for baby 2018

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Because it’s a great way to let him know he’s going to be a new uncle (or an uncle for the second, third, or 10th time!).  Sure it’s more for the baby than him, but he’ll get a kick out of it and will totally love the bragging rights.

12.  For the Candy Addicted Uncle:  Sugarfina Dark Chocolate Bourbon Candy Bears – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Dark Chocolate Bourbon Bears 2018

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Because he’s never too old for candy, especially when said candy is bourbon flavored dark chocolate.  BRB never!

13.  For the Thoughtful Uncle:  ‘Words for Uncle’ Throw Pillow in Grey – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Pillow 2018

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Because it’s the perfect reminder of how much you love him each and every day.

14.  For the Uncle on the Go:  Hydro Flask True Thermal Pint Glass – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Hydro Flask 2018

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Because he’s always on the go and needs a little pick-me-up every now and then.  This ‘flask’ keeps his favorite brew at the perfect chilled temperature at all times.  Thanks technology!  It also comes in other cool colors like cobalt, mint, stainless, kiwi, ocean, and more!

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