Ashlee Simpson Continues to Sing

Ashlee Simpson won’t be waving the white flag anytime soon, as she is in the process of working on a new album. Do people still say “album?” I do. Now that Ashlee has a new look (i.e nose and chin) don’t expect her to sing what she was singing before and don’t expect her to dress like an a-hole like she did before either. Ashlee has said, “I’m from Texas, I come from that background [soulful style music]. It’s cool because on my last two records I was writing with the same people and now I’m writing with a bunch of different people.”

Yeah, let me translate that for everyone. Ashlee is now smokin’ hot which means she is dropping her old sound, her old writing crew, and is upgrading the hell out of everything relating to her hot new look. Say goodbye to the “ho-down” and please welcome the “ho-up.” I don’t know that that actually means, but it’s always nice to be able to use the word “ho” in a sentence.

Ashlee is hoping to release this new album around October 2007.

Is it bad if I say that I’ll probably like her new music now that she looks better? Shallow is a great place to be.

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