Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Have a Baby Named Bronx. J Lo, Likely, Pissed.

Ashlee Simpson and her husband, whom she had to marry after getting knocked up, Pete Wentz, welcomed a 7 lb, 11 oz baby boy named Bronx Mowgli Wentz or “BMW” for douche/short.

Bronx? Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx is going to be bullsh*t! How dare someone else try to force you to think of them instead of J Glow when you hear the word “Bronx.” Heads will roll. Or chins will roll. Either way, something will be rolling.

It has been rumored that whilst in the hospital Ashlee pretended to be screaming during child birth, but it was really another woman in the background doing the screaming. Once that lady stopped screaming, Ashlee got embarrassed and just began a ho-down right in the middle of the labor and delivery room and then walked out.

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