Ant Becks Back on TV?

Sweet! All my Full House dreams have almost come true! Ant Becky-Becks may be playing the role of the mom on that new 90210 spinoff. Brilliant! Random drunken sources are claiming that Lori Loughlin will play Celia Mills, an ex-Olympic athlete who relocated to Beverly Hills 90210 with her husband who’s the new principle of Beverly Hills High…and their two kids, who I assume are still Nicky and Alex.

I say bring it on! I can only hope that Mrs Teasley is still at Beverly Hills High and on the lookout for drunken seniors who are attending the prom. No joke, if she is, my sad and pathetic life would be complete. Anyway, Ant Becks as an ex-Olympian makes me a little anxious. I mean, I don’t know if she can handle this big move to Beverly Hills. Remember what happened when Uncle Jesse was a huge success over in Japan and Ant Becks decided to “leave the tour” and head back to the good old US of A? It almost broke up their marriage and they would have had to move out of Danny’s attic. See? A lot can happen. I will give bonus points to the new 90210 if they really do cast Nicky and Alex as her kids and will award even more bonus points if the theme song is “I’m the Cute One” and is sung by Nicky and Alex themselves. Why in the holy hell am I not writing for this show? I have so many ideas!

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