Another Round of Celebrity Twitter Bomb…


See what I did there?  Last weeks first ever IBBB Celebrity Twitter bomb was kinda almost sorta successful.  The good news was that over 100 played along.  But you know what?  I’m adding  a little (brilliant) twist this week that really takes steak.  Here’s what’s going down this week.

1. We’re still sticking with @kellyripa and @bravoandy
2. We’re adding (brilliantly) a Live With Regis and Kelly Producer @lschully (Lori Schully)
3. We’re going for 500 of you tweeting all three (@kellyripa, @bravoandy and @lschully) the latest RHONJ recap on Tuesday morning once I push it live (here’s the shortened URL as well for you to cut and paste until your heart is content:
4. We shall not give up

So are you all in again?  Come on, you know you love it!

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