Ann Coulter and Jimmy Walker: What the TV Land Awards are All About



I don’t even know where to go with this.  All I do know is that after seeing all of the pictures from the TV Land Awards, I’ve decided that most of them all need to be their own blog post and, well, why not start with Ann Coulter and Jimmy Walker because why wouldn’t we?

First off, why Ann Coulter is dressed like a Pediatrician on her way to a fund raiser is beyond me.  And why Jimmy Walker looks like he’s about “make it rain” on Coulter is, well, priceless.  Coupled with Ann’s hand gently brushing Walker’s “Jimmy” makes this photo my favorite in all of TV Land and in just all the land as well.

The fact that Ann Coulter was even invited to the TV Land Awards makes me wonder if “Bombshell McGee’s” limo (public transportation) is arriving to the red carpet as we speak.

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