Angelina to Take Your Baby Next

Parents, hold on to your screaming bratty kids because Angelina Jolie is out on the loose and she’s looking for a new kid to adopt. Now, being here in the US, your kids are probably safe as Angelina typically likes to go to no name countries to get herself a kid at a discount price.

According to recent random reports, Angelina and Brad Jolie have already applied to adopt a baby from an Indian orphanage and hope to bring the child home (kicking and screaming) by Christmas. That’s sweet. I’m jealous. Sometimes I wish that I were from a poor village so the rich and famous could adopt me. Damn my parents love for each other!

A drunken source has said, “Brad would prefer a boy no older than 18 months.” Who knew Brad Pitt had so much in common with Michael Jackson? It must be fun to pick and choose kids the “Burger King way.”

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