Angelina Jolie to be Kidnapped?

Angelina Jolie has recently said in an interview that she narrowly escaped kidnapping and ransom plot while she was traveling overseas performing her “do-gooding.” The plot to kidnap Angelina Jolie never came to fruition after the authorities had tipped her off. According to Angelina:

“It was in a small village, I won’t say where, or with whom, but some gangsters planned to kidnap me and extort a massive ransom. I was warned at the last minute, and managed to escape, luckily.”

You almost got away with it, Jennifer Aniston! Curses! Foiled again!

Angelina loves to visit the poor countries and help them as much as she can, by either donating her time, money, or adopting the children of these countries. Now don’t get the wrong idea about Angelina. She wants to make one thing clear. Angelina continued, “I don’t want to act like the Mother Teresa of Hollywood, but I want to help where there is poverty and destruction.”

Who Said Kidnap!?!

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