Angelina Jolie Gets "The Rachel"


In a surprise twist of fate, Angelina (or “Angie” as those closest to her, like myself, call her) has officially got “The Rachel” for her new movie.  Score one for Angie!  If only she was scratching the back of her head while saying her lines she would have her Jennifer Aniston impersonation down to a science.

Fine, you caught me.  Jolie doesn’t have “The Rachel.”  She’s just wearing a blond wig for a new movie that she’s filming called “Salt.”  Either that or she’s playing “Salt” and Aniston will be playing “Pepa.”  Wouldn’t that me a treat for both the eyes and the ears?

I thought “Angie” was retiring from movies so that she could focus all of her efforts on staring people down on the red carpet and giving you half-ass answers when asking her anything about her personal life?  Similar to Michael Jordan, she is briefly out of retirement.  Maybe she’ll even yell, “I want MY son back!”  That line gives me nightmares.  Ok, all done.


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