Angelina Jolie Adoption is Official

According to Multiple Persons Magazine the adoption is officially official for Angelina Jolie. Official. Angelina adopted her 3-year old Vietnamese son and named him “Pax Thien Jolie.” What in the hell does that mean, you ask? Pax Thien means “peaceful sky.” Jolie and PaxMan will stay in Vietnam for about a week until PaxMan can get a passport.

I’m pissed. Angelina had another chance to adopt me and she passed up the opportunity. I already have my passport Angelina! Big mistake. Big mistake. I could have saved her like $60.00 in passport fees. Oh well, it’s too late now. No substitutions.

Angelina headed to the orphanage store early this morning to pick up her kid, but she was only with Maddox and not Brad Pitt. Angelina’s international advisor had said, “Brad very much wanted to be there but is under contract working on a film in Los Angeles and as a result couldn’t go.” Yeah whatever, you know he is sick of Angelina’s adoption addiction.

Oh well, good luck and congratulations. I’m tossing my name in the ring again when Angelina tries to adopt her 15th kid.

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