An Olsen in About 20

All the A-List stars were out the other night for the premiere of “The Butler’s in Love.” Well, it wasn’t so A-List and about half of the people walking the red carpet were related to the films director, David Arquette. Technically, by law, Courtney Cox had to be there. Jesse Spano was there because, basically, she had a green leather jacket to wear and figured it had been a week since she made people nervous with her freaky eyes. Anyway, you’ll notice in the first photo that Rosanna Arquette was there to support her brothers film. I figured it was important to post this picture in order to allow the Olsen Sluts a glimpse into their future. This is exactly how they’ll both be looking in about 20 more years. I know, that’s mean. I’m just kidding. They’re not going to look like that in 20 years. They’ll be dead in 20 years. Good day.
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