Amy Winehouse Has Alyssa Milano Arms

There are no arguments here. Amy Winehouse is a beauty and, if in a different time, would most likely still be in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model. Typically I’m blinded by Winehouse’s bee-hive and this time I was initially side-tracked by her new beautiful blond hair. However, after playing a risky game of “Let’s Take Another Look at Amy Winehouse” I noticed that she has Alyssa Milano arms. Seriously that blond head hair really makes her thick black arm hair really pop! Why wouldn’t she wax that or even take a weed-wacker to it? Fine, it is Amy Winehouse so I’d even be fine with her using cigarettes to burn the hair off. Either way arm hair on a girl is nasty and, I believe, is something you can get the electric chair for in Louisiana.

Anyway, Amy had a busy day with her dad, Mitch, the other day and stopped by a newsstand to buy some magazines followed by a healthy trip the fish and chip store, and then a quick run over to the Car Phone Warehouse. Is any of this interesting? No. Was this just an excuse to talk about Amy Winehouse’s hairy arms? Perhaps.
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