Amy Poehler Leaving SNL?

Say it ain’t so. I’m sorry that was poor grammar. Say it a-not so. Is Amy Poehler going to be leaving struggling Saturday Night Live (or SNL, as “the kids” call it)? This may, sadly, be the case my friends as the rumors are starting that Poehler has just signed on to star in The Office spinoff. Supposedly, The Office spinoff is under tight wraps by NBC and they don’t want anyone knowing anything about this yet, but DeadlineHollywoodDaily is reporting it and I think they’re right about 94% of the time. Please note that percentage is not based on anything.
Amy is great on SNL so it will pretty much crap the bed even more when she leaves, but at least we’ll still get to see her on the new show. Hopefully she won’t go the way of Cheri Oteri.

The Office spinoff is scheduled to debut directly after the SuperBowl in Feb of 2009.

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