Amanda Wyatt & Keith Urban: Secret Skanks

Uh oh, it looks like Nicole Kidman may be getting the shiz-end of the stick again. First, she was almost locked up in a Scientologist prison/marriage to Tom Cruise and now it looks as if Keith Urban may have had an affair (or 10) even while Keith and Nicole were engaged.

It’s strange that Amanda Wyatt (the model is has come out to tell this story) would want this type of publicity. Oh wait, it’s a career move. Ok, sometimes I’m a little slow on the draw. Here’s what Amanda Wyatt had told a UK newspaper (allegedly, allegedly, oh yeah and allegedly):
  1. Keith was boozing and drugging up a storm (perhaps he is responsible for El Nino?)
  2. She and Keith had unprotected sex while he and Nicole were dating (that’s clean, whore)
  3. She was a Keith Urban groupie (classy)
  4. Urban was “reckless in bed” (where a helmet, skank)
  5. The two enjoyed bubble baths in his hot tub (thanks Mr. Bubble)

She sounds like a real class act. He sounds like a complete mess. The two sound perfect together. I’m really pulling for these two crazy kids. Similar to Ross and Rachel, I hope these two get together someday.

Look, I wouldn’t toss her out of bed for getting animal cracker crumbs on the sheets, but…really? With her? She kinda has a bit of a snaggle tooth/teeth and in some shots she kinda looks like a man baby, yeah! I mean, if he was going to cheat he should have totally cheated up, not cheated down. Keith totally cheated down and I’m not really a big Nicole Kidman fan. Oh by the way, it totally came to me right after I saw these pictures of Amanda that I felt like I had seen her before….but where? But where? Then it hit me. Holy crap. Kyndra from Laguna Beach Season Three (minus the snaggle tooth/teeth). Yup, they totally look alike – just check out the pictures. I mean I don’t want to toot my own horn, but “toot-toot.” I am totally dead the F on every-single-time. Correct me if I’m wrong. Go ‘head. I dare ya.

Who Whored Those Words!?! and Who Shot Amanda/Kyndra!?!

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