Ali Lohan Morphed Into My Childhood Hero!


In a time when your father is holding hourly press conferences with TMZ and your mother is heading to the 5-0 to get a family discount on restraining orders, I definitely think the best thing you can do to lay low from the media spotlight is paint on your eyebrows with a thick-point Sharpie and head out to get your picture taken! Ole!

Seriously, Ali Lohan looks like Gargamel, which according to my childhood is awesome.  I kept a hold of my Gargamel stuffed animal like my life depended on it and brought him everywhere I went.  That is….until that one day, that one terrible day that is barely talked about in the IBBB household…the day when I brought Gargamel with me to the supermarket and accidentally left him in the frozen food aisle….never to be seen or heard from AGAIN!

But enough about me and why things from my past make me certifiably crazy, Ali Lohan showed up at Millions of Milkshakes in Hollywood with her big sister, Shecky Lohan, and a torn sweater that we’ll just assume was ripped by Michael Lohan and/or karma whilst Ali tried to run away from it.

I think Ali looks great.  And by “looks great” I mean “looks like she’s 5 testosterone shots away from sprouting a penis and dry humping Nana Lohan.”

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