Be the First to Know About Target’s Black Friday Palooza for 2018

Because the Target Black Friday sale really is the official kick-off of the holiday season, right?  Here’s everything we know, so far, about what’s happening over at Target right now.

Target's Black Friday Sale 2018 - Best Deal at Target on Black Friday 2019

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We love Target, of course.  And we love their Black Friday sales and deals just as much as the next person.  Now we don’t love that they’re typically open on Thanksgiving, but at least we have a place to go when we’re ready to escape our family after getting drunk on turkey and stuffing.  I mean, how many naps can someone take during the day, really?

Make sure you add this page to your ‘favorites’ so you can always be in the know when all of Target’s Black Friday deals are being updated.  Plus, with the recent launch of their tech product-line, Heyday, you know you’ll be able to score some killer prices on things like their bluetooth speakers, headphones, smartphone cases, and so much more.  Here’s what we know, as of right now, about the 2018 Black Friday event.

Tell Me When Target’s Back Friday Sale Officially Starts

What we know so far is that Black Friday begins on Friday, November 23, 2018. Well, everyone knows that, but how early will Target let you in to grab those deals?  That’s a different question.  Technically, the Black Friday sale will technically start on 11/23/18.  Let’s talk about the hours next.

What’s the Deal With Target’s Black Friday Hours?

You usually will get a sneak peak on Thanksgiving Day (Nov 22, 2018) and the store will be open for this sale between the hours of 6pm – 12:00 midnight.  That’s what happened last year and this year they’ll likely follow suit.  At midnight Target will close (get those prized items while you can!) and then will officially open again for Black Friday on the 23rd starting at 6 a.m.  Of course you can line up as early as you’d like.  Perhaps leave at midnight and just get in line.  Bring a tent and some booze!

When Will the Official Ad Be Available?

This one is usually a bit tricky to answer.  Last year they released their Black Friday ad on Monday, November 6th so it gave you a ton of time to prepare for what you want to buy, see what’s on sale, and get your strategy going.  If it follows the same pattern as last year, this year in 2018 we predict they’ll release the ad on Monday, November 5th.  Check back as it gets closer and we’ll share the ad as soon as it leaks!

What Will Be On Sale During Black Friday?

Again, ‘favorite’ this page and we’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, researching the past few year there are some major takeaways of how the sale goes.

  • Almost everything in the store will average at least 20% off.
  • Various electronics (gear and gadgets) can be anywhere between $25 – $100+ dollars off the original price.
  • Many products will feature free Target gift cards (valuing $25) like they did last year.
  • If shopping online, Target offered free shipping on anything.
  • You could save an additional 5% on your purchases when you signed up for the Target REDcard.

All of these things could change this year, but based on the past sales we predict similar events.  Plus, major sales on televisions, video game systems, and more!

Here are all the main sale areas to keep in mind:

  1. Kitchen Gadgets – Sales Here!
  2. Electronics and Tech – Sales Here!
  3. Home appliances – Sales Here!
  4. Smart-Home Products – Sales Here!
  5. Vacuums – Sales Here!
  6. Toys for Kids – Sales Here!
  7. All Other Sales – Sales Here!

In the meantime, you can always save a ton at Target with their promo and coupon codes.  Check out this one, in the interim, for example:

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