Why are Lauren and Heidi Fighting?

What in the hell are these two ungrateful bitches fighting about now? Do they know they’re real? Meaning..they’re actually human and not cartoons. According to US Weekly, Lauren and Heidi are already back to fighting up a storm again while they are taping their carefully scripted and overly rehearsed reality show, “The Hills.” Allegedly, Heidi is looking for more airtime in order to help promote her new album (which is already at the bottom of the sale bin even though it hasn’t been released yet). How does Heidi get more airtime? Well, she keeps on crashing in on Lauren’s scenes. When Heidi showed up Lauren yelled at her and said she was pathetic and that she doesn’t want to deal with her.

Let me settle this. You’re both pathetic. Do you know how good you have it right now? You are both famous for doing nothing. That’s my dream. Now stop being complete douche bags and cash in while you can because it is all going to be so very very soon. Best wishes bitches.

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