The Hills Gang Goes to Hawaii! I Hope They Return the Tiki to Professor Whitehead!




Bonus points to whoever got my joke in the title and by “bonus points” I mean “imaginary nothings.”

For those of you, like me, who are are trying to fill the void in your lives ever since The Hills has been on hiatus, well do I have the perfect fix for you!  It’s two parts heroin, two parts Zima, and 1 part Hills pictures of the cast shooting scenes in Hawaii for the upcoming season that is set to air in March.  Was that a run-on sentence?  Eh, I’m keeping it.

The whole Douche-Bag-Bunch gased up what I will assume is DouK’s private jet, sipped some champagne, and got ready for some scripted fun in the Hawaiian sun.  Seriously everyone was there.  Well almost everyone.  Heidi and Steve Sanders seem to be missing from the group photo.  I’m sure they’re back in LA trying to find newer and more efficient ways to burn in hell.

While these photos don’t talk, they sorta do.  For instance, in the last photo you know Audrina is text messaging Lauren to ask her what her next line is.  Lauren hasn’t received the message yet because she’s too busy making sure LOser is following all of her commands that she laid out in a list before they left for the airport.

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