Lauren Conrad’s Boobs, Just Because

Everyone’s favorite “Hills” pain in the arse was all boobs and drunk eyes while leaving Coco de Ville just the other night. The Hills and boobs all in one blog post!?! I believe I just hit tilt on the “Awesome-O-Meter.” And that meter does exist, by the way. I think LC is sending a message out to Audrina and Heidi. Well, at least her boobs are. Her rack-attack is saying, “My boobs are real and are about 26 inches apart and ready to fall out the sides of my dress and fall down my back.” Audrina’s rack and Heidi’s rack typically looks like the Olsen Twins are trapped under a shirt and are stuck in a teenage kiss when your braces get stuck together. Catch my drift? Yeah, I barely do either. Regardless, enjoy LC’s boobs and sideboob action. Don’t you dare EVER day I don’t give back to the community. Ever!
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