Got ‘Stache?


I mean, come on.  Every once in a while Jesus Claus throws a laugh my way and this is one of those times.  Lauren Conrad is probably the perfect person to be showing off her milk mustache, as I have been obsessed with her own mustache for what seems like years.  I hope they didn’t wax off her mustache just so that the milk mustache got top billing.  They could have just kept it and turned this into a chocolate milk ad, obviously.

Lauren Cockpig is promoting healthy drinking options with lowfat milk as a great way to still get your daily vitamins and calcium.  Ole!  And, most importantly, it’s a great way to sport a white Hitler mustache every morning because, you know, LC is like that.

In related news, I’m pretty sure Audrina was left with the same white stuff on her top lip after the casting process for The Hills.  Some say rumors, I say a hunch.  Got teef?

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