Lauren Conrad & Lo Roommates? Who Nose?!

Filming is starting on Season 3 Part II or Season 4 (not sure of the difference) and there are a few changes taking place on The Hills. Will Audrina’s teeth hit tilt on the “white-o-meter?” Will Lauren finally convince producers to stop placing lights directly under her eyes so we see all her eye wrinkles? Will Whitney always be know as the girl who never bedded Lisa Loveless? Will Brody continue to dress like he’s a different character in a play each week? Will Steve Sanders learn the art of blinking? Will Heidi realize that we know when she’s on “take 7” of the script when she tilts her head to the side, squints her eyes, and raises her shoulders? Will Jenn Bunney’s nose appear, then disappear, and then reappear again? Clearly there are a lot of loose ends to tie up in Season 3 Part II and, clearly, none of my questions will be answered. Oh, and if you’ve actually read this far let’s get onto the real The Hills news….
LC was talking with the folks over over E! and filled them in that she just purchased a $2 million home in the actual Hollywood Hills. But don’t worry about where broke-ass Audrina will live because Lauren will let her live in the new kick-arse casa. Not only that but Lo is moving her new nose in as well. So let this be a lesson to all you young and impressionable girls out there. If you have a flaw on your body you should get plastic surgery right away because it makes you a better person, makes you appeal more to the masses, allows you to look better in overall life, increases the odds you’ll get your “new self” onto television, and also it’ll probably get you Lauren Conrad as roommate. So go out there, youth of America, and fix your busted selves. Do it for the possibility of fame. It will pay off. Trust.
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