Lauren Conrad Had Ticks

5 more sleeps until The Hills starts up again. Like a giddy little school girl, I am pumped. This crap better not let me down. Who am I kidding? What the hell else am I doing on a Monday night. Anyway, Lauren was on Letterman last night (thanks for the tip Alexis) and talked about growing up in the OC and having ticks. That’s sexy. Lauren covered with lime-disease-ridden ticks is enough to get me going.
Watching Lauren get interviewed by David Letterman was like having a conversation with your great-uncle. You’re on your best behavior and feel like you need to explain everything in easy-to-understand terms so that they don’t get confused and can follow the story. The only thing that would have been more awkward would have been watching Lauren be interviewed by Regis.
Lauren discusses how she met Heidi in San Fran and how she moved in with Lauren’s family. Lauren also made the wise decision to not do The Hills without her “best friend Heidi.” Letterman discusses how he doesn’t like Spencer so much. I’m kinda shocked he knew who he was. He better not start recapping The Hills…or else!
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