Lauren Conrad Films Her "Hills" Work Scenes That Include, You Know, Eating Cake

I miss The Hills. There, I said it. I miss it. Don’t judge me. I can’t wait for March so that my Hills life can get back on track. Anyscript, Lauren Cockring was filming scenes for the latest season of The Hills, which included “sitting on her chair with a blank computer screen at her desk” and also “sitting at her desk without taking off her pocketbook and holding a slice of cake.” She’s a business woman! You know that when they yelled “cut” she handed the cake back to the props department and walked off the set.

As a sidenote, is LC wearing the top half of an old mans pajamas and a black tutu? No judgement, just wondering. Oh and by “no judgement” I actually mean “judgement.” I’d still let her play “blow out the birthday candles” with me.
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