Lauren Conrad Deleted Me From Her Twitter Account. See You on Judge Judy!


Well isn’t this a fine how-do-ya do!?  I had been following Lauren Conrad on Twitter for weeks now and noticed that my “following” number went down.  Who did I lose?  Similar to a Myspace friend deleting you, you feel like you’ll never figure out who dropped off the face of the earth.  Well I just figured out that LC dropped me from following her.  Why would she single me out?  This totally decreases my chances of ever making it on The Hills.  Geesh, just because I may have made a mustache reference once or twice…or maybe I accidentally called her “Lauren Cockring.”  Sure, maybe I tossed in a comment or two about the lines under her eyes and/or left her a Myspace comment asking her if she thought the “Friends” were really friends, but I don’t deserve to be deleted.  Hurtful.

I will pick up the broken pieces and try to move on with my life.  Thanks, Lauren, for passive-aggressivly hurting me.  Uncle Jesse? Is it ok to crrrrrry?

P.S –> I may have called them “The Douche Bag Gang” or “The Douche Bag Bunch” a dozen or so times.  Maybe that’s the straw that broke the cameltoe’s back?

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