Lauren, Audrina and Teeth at Maxim Party

Audrina “Teef” Patridge and Lauren Cockring were all bright white smiles and wrinkly eyes whilst enjoying their time in the spotlight at the Maxim Hot 100 Party. I don’t care what people say, I’m totally convinced that Audrina got herself some store-bought-boobs. These are important topics in life that I investigate and I’m thinking this is the case. It’s just too bad that if she did get new boobs she didn’t go with Heidi’s “Buy One Get One Free” plan and get a little something put in her top lip. What? Just saying. No one wants to kiss a pencil. Moving on, Lauren Cockring was there looking creepy like she’s ready to lure a couple of kids into the back of a station wagon with a stuffed animal puppy and pink and blue cotton candy.

Ugh. How many more sleeps until the new season of The Hills starts 🙁
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