It’s Official, I’m Voting For Obama

Well IBBB readers, it’s official. I’m voting for Barack Obama. Now I’m not big into politics and don’t even know if I’m registered to vote, but after Obama was on Letterman the other night it’s like he’s trying to capture my vote, specifically. Obama said, “My first act as President will be to stop the fighting between Lauren and Heidi on The Hills.” That’s all I really need to make an informed decision on who I should be voting for. I’m not really sure who’s he’s running against, but I assume it’s Ronald Reagan and Martha Washington, so I think my choice makes perfect sense. Now if some of his running mates want to discuss their 12 point plan on helping Lisa Loveless get her own reality show, well then maybe I’ll think of voting for them too. You can vote for multiple people right? Where do you vote? I just yelled, “I’m voting for Obama” out my apartment window so I’d assume someone heard that and wrote it down. See? My vote DOES count. Rock the vote and go green, as the kids say. Oh, and say no to drugs. And, only you can prevent a forest fire.
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