Happy Belated Graduation LOser!

Half the lifeless cast of The Hills were out and about the other night at Green Door in LA to celebrate LOsers last day of college or some shit from UCLA. I’m pretty sure she majored in “Fucking Retarded” and minored in “I’m Not Interesting.” She may have actually double-majored, but who can keep up with the whirlwind that is LOser.

Us Weekly spoke with Lauren and she told them that she and Audrina really want to make things work and not fight with each other. Wanna know how she plans to do this? Well I’m glad you asked. Lauren and Audrina have scheduled one night per week to talk. No really, that’s what she said. What must that conversation be like? I bet it involves a lot of extra white big teeth and awkward head tilts. In other words, that will probably consist of 6 episodes of next seasons “Hills” which debuts in August. Ugh. How many more sleeps until it starts!?

Anyway, back to the pictures. Looks like the new style this season is short dresses that stop just short of your vaginastein. Alright! A little breeze and maybe we’ll get to see a glimpse of Lo’s “Bosworth” or Lauren’s gentleman greeter. We’ve already seen Audrina’s but I’d go for another shot.
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